Change the story, change the world
~ Terry Pratchett.

Wordfully Yours was constituted in February 2010 when Prof. Coomi S. Vevaina was the Head of the Department of English, University of Mumbai. The association was created as an extension activity of the Department.

Creative Directors and Founders:

  • Prof. Coomi S. Vevaina
  • Ms. Sharlaine Mascarenhas
  • Ms. Donna Reen
  • Dr. Neena Nair

Administrative Director

  • Mr. Shahrukh Vevaina


  • Dr. Neena Nair


  • Prof. Coomi S. Vevaina
  • Ms. Sharlaine Mascarenhas
  • Ms. Donna Reen
  • Dr. Neena Nair
  • Ms. Zareen Battiwala
  • Ms. Shalanta Mascarenhas
  • Ms. Rachel Demello
  • Mr. Spandan Nath

Our Purpose of Telling Stories

Wordfully Yours comprises a group of spirited storytellers, who believe that transformation of both the individual and collective consciousness is easily achievable through storytelling

We tell stories primarily for entertainment but also attempt :

  • To develop the following literacies in our audience
      1. Psycholiteracy – Awareness of the way in which we humans think and feel.
      2. Socioliteracy – Awareness of inter-cultural differences and the need to respect one another in order to create a more socially just world. This can be achieved by sensitising listeners to the baneful effects of issues like .
      - Racism
      - Sexism
      - Ageism
      - Fierce individualism
      - Body-Fixation

      3. Geoliteracy – Awareness of our symbiotic connection with our planet and therefore, the need for deep respect for our natural environment and ecological conservation.Through effective storytelling, we also aim.
  • To nurture the ability to listen and concentrate
  • To increase vocabulary
  • To help listeners internalise grammatical structures
  • To stimulate the imagination
  • To develop problem-solving skills
  • To introduce listeners to good literature and make them avid readers
  • To promote Serial, Associative and Unitive thinking
  • To permit whole-brain development through Vertical, Horizontal and Temporal integration
  • To change the world by changing counter-productive stories to life-supporting ones

  • As a group, we conduct:
  • Storytelling Training Workshops (1 day)
  • Events for Children and Young Adults


Enhancing Literacies through Storytelling

~ Conducted by Prof. Coomi S. Vevaina, Sharlaine Mascarenhas, Donna Reen and others

  • Why Do We Tell Stories ?
  • What Kind of Stories Should We Tell?
  • Structures of Stories
  • The Source-fully Intelligent Way of Telling Stories
  • Ways of Generating Interest while Telling Stories
  • Preparing For a Storytelling Session
  • Mapping the Storytelling Session
  • Creating a Detailed Programme of the Event
  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Caregivers
  • Performers
  • Others interested in learning the art of storytelling through the Narrative Re-Creation Technique TM (NRT) created by Dr. Vevaina
  • 19th-21st January 2017: Kitaabo Children's Literature Fest, Jodhpur
  • 20th August 2016:University of Mumbai, Mumbai
  • 13th Sept 2015: University of Mumbai, Mumbai
  • 8th August, 2015: University of Mumbai, Mumbai


Some of the most significant events are:
  • Ecoliteracy through Storytelling – 19th, 20th and 21st January 2017 – Jodhpur, India
  • Reading Challenge Programme – Wordfully Yours works with the British Council to promote reading among school children in Mumbai. Ongoing
  • Stories with a Difference by the world renowned First Nations Canadian novelist, playwright and Storyteller, Tomson Highway at St. Xaviers’ College, Mumbai on 21st February, 2014
  • Disability Awareness supported by the Canadian High Commission on 18th December, 2012.
  • Stories for a New World by Lee Maracle, internationally reputed poet, novelist and Storyteller in the University of Mumbai on 19th February, 2011.
  • International Storytelling Conference-Festival-Workshop on Ecological Conservation and Intercultural Harmony in The University of Mumbai, Valia College and Wilson College respectively from 7th – 12th October, 2010. This event was supported by Tata Sons, HDFC, Larsen & Toubro and the University of Mumbai. The renowned film and stage actor Nasseruddin Shah, the internationally acclaimed dancer-choreographer Astad Deboo and the film producer Amol Gupte performed at the festival alongside numerous storytellers from across the world and students from schools, colleges and the University of Mumbai.
  • Storytelling and Creative Writing on Non-Violence Amidst Violence in 10 nodal centers in Mumbai on 10th January, 2009, within a few days of the bomb blasts in the city. At the event on 18th February 2009, a book entitled I have a dream (published by Orient Blackswan) containing the creative expressions of children, was released. The Foreword to this book was written by Mr. Ratan Tata and Martin Luther King Jr., released it at an event hosted by the American High Commission in Mumbai.

In addition we have also done sessions with underprivileged children in Dongri, Ashray (home for AIDS infected children) and children of parents who are members of the American Centre library in Mumbai.